SEGD Branded Environments 2020: Icon, Mystery, and Refreshing the Familiar

Posted November 4, 2020

How can a branded environment deliver a special experience while leveraging the world’s most recognizable brands? And how far can those brand elements get distorted in the name of novelty before they lose their impact?

At the virtual 2020 SEGD Branded Environments conference, ESI Design’s Stuart Fox will share how we met those challenges in our work at the new HQ for WarnerMedia by creating branded offices that highlight familiar IP while reimagining that very same IP in novel, dynamic ways.

What to Expect: The Content-Driven Workplace

Stuart, a Senior Content Designer at ESI, will take you on a behind-the-scenes look at the designs of WarnerMedia’s new headquarters in New York, exploring ideas for creating an office employees want to return to. Beyond swag and workplace perks, timeless design and branded digital experiences making the workplace a destination that employees are excited to return to. Attendees will walk away having seen a best-in-class example of workplace experience design, and understand why the workplace environment is more effective than perks or swag in keeping workers dedicated as fans and engaged as employees.

Event Details

SEGD Branded Environments 2020
Friday November 13th, 2020
3:00 pm ET, with a moderated discussion to follow.
Register for the two-day event here.

Meet the Speaker: Stuart Fox, Senior Content & Activity Designer

When Stuart Fox works on an ESI project, he isn’t just a writer, he’s a story designer. As familiar with digital storytelling as he is with words, as comfortable directing live action video as he is developing interactives, Stuart leverages every tool from his interdisciplinary experience to craft engaging, educational, emotional narratives. Prior to his work at ESI, Stuart worked as an exhibitions developer at Liberty Science Center and the American Museum of Natural History. Before that, he conducted research on the aerodynamics of pterosaur flight, appraised fossils for auction and organized the artifact collection at the Museum of Sex. As a journalist, he edited a science and technology newswire, wrote about the science and history of wine for Wine Spectator magazine, covered the New York City commercial real estate industry for Real Estate Weekly, and blogged for the American Institute of Physics.

Can’t wait? Take a sneak peak inside WarnerMedia’s branded workplace in the video below:

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