Case Studies


ESI Design helped eBay identify key stakeholders and facilitated conversations to determine the company’s needs and challenges.

Together we determined the best solution was a set of common areas that would unify and engage employees and partners. The direction for the project was established.

Preliminary Concept

ESI Design conceived of a series of gathering spaces with interactive elements that communicate the story of eBay. We generated design alternatives for the client to review.

eBay was thrilled with the general concept. They asked that the town hall be able to accomodate larger groups, and for the main entrance be more of a “digital threshold” announcing eBay as a tech company.

Final Concept

Based on eBay’s feedback, ESI Design fine-tuned the design concept. We added a mezzanine overlooking the town hall.

For the main entrance we conceived of a series of LED columns leading to a touch wall where guests could explore eBay transactions in real-time.

With the physical forms in place, eBay brought on their content team to help ESI mine the data and stories for the various interactive experiences.


ESI Design moved on to preparing construction-ready drawings and physical mock-ups of the technology. This prevents costly surprises during installation and proves out the interaction design. For example, we had to determine the optimal number of simultaneous touch wall users and the scale to accommodate them.


ESI Design supported eBay in selecting and hiring vendors.

We then worked closely with these vendors to maintain the highest production standards, such as ensuring the material finishes integrated seamlessly with the technology.

We also supported eBay in making the building operational and ready for launch.


When eBay opened Main Street to all its employees, the response was tremendous. The meeting spaces are in such high demand that they book 60 days in advance.

ESI Design continues to work with the eBay team to perfect and support the experience.