Designing Data for Emotional Experiences at Interaction 19, Feb 7

Posted January 30, 2019

Data can inform, data can drive optimization, but can data have an emotional impact?

That’s exactly what Lauren Gibbons, one of our Senior Interaction Designers, will explore in her talk “Designing Data for Emotional Experiences” at the Interaction 19 Conference in Seattle. As a designer who works with spatial design, branding, and digital installations, Lauren Gibbons uses data to tell human-centered stories on epic canvases.

In this session, Lauren will highlight how data visualization functions in immersive environments, outlines how she translates numbers into experiences, and shows how technology is secondary to the story.


What to Expect: Data Visualization as a Powerful Storytelling Tool

Lauren’s secret to using data to create emotional experiences lies in the way she extracts the stories from the numbers, focuses on the feelings not the information, and brings some mystery back into a world dominated by sleek data viz interfaces.

Understanding this approach to data means thinking like a designer, not a data scientist. Rather than analyzing data to clearly communicates a complex quantitative topic, Lauren aims to tell the brand stories through emotional experiences; to resonate and leave a lasting connection on their viewers.

Drawing on more than a decade of interaction design experience, Lauren will share how to push data visualization into new forms and expressions.

  • Environmental data? That can become a colorful data-and-light sculpture, like The Beacon at Pittsburgh’s PNC Tower.
  • Movies and TV shows? That can be a multi-story-tall dynamic chandelier.
  • The enormous number of transactions performed through eBay? That can be an interactive lobby wall, like at eBay Main Street.
ebay corporate campus design interactive display
eBay Main Street, Jan Jose, CA.
The Beacon at PNC Tower, Pittsburgh, PA.

Event Details

Interaction 19 Conference
February 7th, 2019
Lauren’s talk starts at 1:15 PM PT in the Cinerama Theater, Amazon Conference Center, Seattle
Learn more about the event.

Update: Watch the talk now

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