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Posted April 25, 2018

The mission of the Museum has changed, with experiences attracting more visitors than art or artifacts. Luckily, ESI Design specializes in the exact kind of experience so vital to the modern museum. If you’re headed to Phoenix for the American Alliance of Museum’s Annual Meeting May 6-9, make sure to meet with ESI representative Stuart Fox. As one of our Content and Activity designers, Stuart can show you how ESI leverages every tool from our interdisciplinary experience to craft engaging, educational, emotional narratives.

ESI Design’s Latest Museum Work

Our guiding principle in exhibition design is this: immerse your visitors in experiences that inspire wonder. Whether it’s playing senator for a day or seeing like a sheep, we invite visitors of all ages to learn by doing, engaging all of their senses. By adapting to the visitors’ changing needs, we are able to surprise them every time they return.

Statue of Liberty Museum, rendering courtesy of FXCollaborativeAt the soon-to-be-completed Statue of Liberty Museum, our exhibits aim to inspire ideas about the Statue of Liberty and the ideals she represents. An immersive experience will take visitors on a virtual flythrough inside the monument and an overview of the story of Lady Liberty and how the world has changed around her. Visitors can then delve into stories about the Statue’s construction, history, and global impact through historic artifacts, immersive media, and interactives. The culmination of the museum experience has visitors consider their own roles in liberty’s future.


Similarly, at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, visitors leave with a new sense of their power in the U.S. government through civic engagement. The exhibition is designed around a group simulation of the U.S. Senate that turns visitors into Senators for a day, tackling the big challenges facing the nation. This live action role-playing fosters learning through debate, negotiation, crafting legislation, and voting, rather than through text on a wall. The Institute also has an open software developer kit (SDK), which allows local schools and colleges to create new topics or modules for the Senate chamber to debate. EMKI is a laboratory of democracy, training the next generation of leaders and engaging the American public in civic discourse.

With each new exhibition, we strive to design for how people learn best – through experience.

Meet Stuart Fox, Content Designer

Stuart Fox has been at ESI Design since 2014, during which time he has worked on museum exhibits and corporate branding experiences, pop up games and mobile apps.

Before joining ESI as a Content Designer, Stuart researched the aerodynamics of pterosaur flight at the Field Museum, worked as an exhibitions developer at Liberty Science Center and the American Museum of Natural History, and helped organize the artifact collection at the Museum of Sex.

Are you going to AAM 2018 in Phoenix?

Let’s meet up! Stuart will be in town the afternoon of May 6, and all day May 7.  Email Stuart to make time for coffee.

Olivia El-Sadr Davis

Olivia is a former member of ESI Design’s Marketing and Business Development Team, blogging about the latest happenings at ESI and beyond.

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