Wondering what “Revenge of the Third Rail” entails? The large-scale game invites New Yorkers to identify with some of the city’s most despised denizens: the rats crawling around the subway system. Each player climbs into a small cart built to resemble the front half of one of a rat, with their hands inserted into the front feet while their own feet propel the cart forward. The players race to collect prop morsels like pizza slices and doughnuts, while dodging obstacles like lost cellphones and keys – all while avoiding the subway train barreling down the tracks. Play “Revenge of the Third Rail” at @FigmentNYC this Saturday and Sunday on @governorsisland. Link in profile.

Posted June 1, 2017

ESI Design

NBBJ’s New York experience design studio, ESI Design, transforms places into experiences that seamlessly weave the physical and digital worlds together.

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