New Yorkers Become Subway Rats in Large-Scale Outdoor Game Created by ESI Designers, June 3-4

Posted June 1, 2017

New Yorkers will see the world through Pizza Rat’s beady little eyes this weekend (June 3-4, 2017) when “Revenge of the Third Rail,” a large-scale, outdoor game created by ESI designers debuts at FIGMENT NYC.

The team of Chris Niederer, Senior Designer, Physical Design at ESI Design, and Debra Everett-Lane, Director of Content & Activity Design were named one of ten winners in the FIGMENT Dream Bigger competition, the annual participatory arts festival held on Governors Island.

The competition challenged designers and artists to invent art experiences that are highly interactive, involve a large group, are visually stunning, and have a provocative concept. Each winner was awarded a $1,000 grant to further develop their project. ESI Design is pleased to support “Revenge of the Third Rail” which celebrates Niederer and Everett-Lane’s game design and participatory art skills.

“Revenge of the Third Rail”: What to Expect

Millions of people use the NYC subway system every year, but they are just passing through. Have you ever thought about the full-time residents of the subway system?

Through “Revenge of the Third Rail” everyday New Yorkers will have a chance to identify with subway rats – some of the most hated, lowly, and misunderstood creatures of NYC – by stepping into their shoes (or bodies).

The stars of the game are the rats.  Players will use small carts built to resemble the front half of the animals, but scaled up to accommodate a human. Your senses are altered, so that you can experience the visual and tactile senses of the animals first-hand.

But it’s more than just an animal experience — it’s also a race along the subway tracks! The goal is to collect as many tasty, tossed-away morsels as possible, while dodging obstacles and avoiding the subway train that is barreling down the tracks.

The game accommodates up to four players at a time (two rats and two people manning the subway car) and lasts about five minutes, allowing more than 50 people to play per hour. Players waiting on line participate by tossing the prop obstacles (dropped cellphone, baby rattle) and morsels (soft pretzel, doughnut, etc.) onto the tracks to entice or distract the racers, and stomping their feet as the train pulls into the station.


Event Details

10am to 5pm
June 3 and 4, 2017
Colonels Row area of Governors Island
FIGMENT NYC is free and open to the public
For complete event details, please visit FIGMENT NYC.

See you there!

Tarley Jordan

Tarley is the studio’s Associate / Marketing and Communications Director and writes about interesting happenings across the studio and the world of experience design.

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