Art from Code

Posted June 27, 2014

Dev Art is art made with code. Not just complex or simple code, but all types of programming that create visual, interactive experiences for a viewer. This art comes in all shapes and sizes.

On July 3, at the Barbican gallery in London, an exhibit of new Dev Art will take place and there are some amazing pieces that will be on display. This exhibit is sponsored by Google, which has an outreach arm that supports creative coding. Some well-established artists, such as Zach Lieberman, Karsten Schmidt, and Varvara and Mar will be joined by this year’s winner of the Dev Art competition.

The winners, Cyril Diagne and Beatrice Lartrigue developed an interactive animation that morphs and changes as visitors pass through the gallery and increase their interaction with the technology. Entitled, Les Metamorphoses de Mr. Kalia, the application of interaction and responsive design in this installation is probably going to be an amazing favorite.

But just because Cyril and Beatrice were the winners, it does not mean that there are not a great deal of projects that were part of the competition that led up to the exhibition. There is a fascinating piece created by David Hoe, called Generative Art Mining, that enables users to create pieces of abstract art based on the interactions and movements of people moving through the surrounding space. The resulting visuals are stunning (example pic below). You can see the rest of the submitted projects on the Dev Art gallery page.

If you are in London on July 3, lucky you. You must go to the Barbican and check this show out. The excitement of the growing field of creative technology enlivens and invigorates our work at ESI. We look forward to more exciting projects and hope that next year’s Dev Art show takes place in NYC.

Ian Lewis Campbell

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