Design Thinking
From Accessible to Equitable: Four Ways to Make the Experience of Your Space More Inclusive
Design Thinking
Why the Next Frontier of Healthcare Design Innovation is Emotional Mapping
Design Thinking
Experiential Brand Refresh: Breathing New Life into Your Company’s HQ and Culture
Design Thinking
Immersive Environments: Placemaking As Storytelling
Design Thinking
[VIDEO] Expanding Storytelling with Transmedia Design
The Quarantine Tapes Podcast: Artist, Poet and ESI Design Founder Edwin Schlossberg
big data
Barclays Times Square Sign: Oversized Digital Garden & More Pick Up Awards for Creativity
Installing Digital Media Installations Remotely
Branded Environments
The Brand Residency
Building Repositioning Through Digital Media Installations At Any Scale
Andrew Lazarow
Beyond Workstations: Wellness, Collaboration, and The Future Office
before & after
Immersive Environment for Corporate Communications [BEFORE & AFTER]
Lads of Liberty: Maxime Bergeron, Lead Interactive Developer at Float4
Branded Workplace
WATCH: Firing Up Fandom in the Workplace at WORKTECH20
Brand Experience
Connected Workplace Communications at WarnerMedia’s Corporate HQ
101 N Brand
The center of Glendale has a new musical heartbeat: 101 North Brand’s outdoor art installation
Public Spaces Amidst COVID-19: Short-term changes and long term opportunities for experience design
Branded Experience
Data-Driven Light Sculpture Glitters on NYC Skyline
How to Feel Together While We’re Apart
Beacon Capital Partners
ESIxCity: Denver
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