Connected Workplace Communications at WarnerMedia’s Corporate HQ

Posted October 9, 2020

A modern workplace uses its environment to become an internal communications channel. Take a look at WarnerMedia’s modern HQ in Hudson Yards, which uses a connected workplace communications platform to connect employees from every division, across multiple floors.

Watch this video to see the digitally-infused workplace in action:

The unified system of over 150 displays connects the workplace to WarnerMedia’s content, and employees to one another. Showing company-wide and network-specific content, the displays create a cohesive, easily updatable workplace communications platform. Behind the scenes, a custom content management system (CMS) gives flexibility and control to the WarnerMedia team to operate the screens in-house and the ability to create “takeover” moments for star-studded premieres and special events. For employees and visitors alike, the new workplace wows.


Take a photo tour of the HQ’s connected workplace communications:

The experience begins in the Main Lobby, where all employees and visitors enter.
The WarnerMedia branding and messaging is dispersed throughout the over 150 displays.
Custom screening room signs let employees and VIP event guests know what’s playing.
The Sky Lobby, which employees pass through to get to the work floors, celebrates the latest releases.
The elevator bays on each network’s floor show network-specific workplace communications.
Work cafes on each floor show live, network-specific content.

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