Immersive Environment for Corporate Communications [BEFORE & AFTER]

Posted December 12, 2020

Could your lobby become an immersive environment for corporate communications? The entry experience for the Financial Services Company  has become a dynamic media environment creates the feeling of being in the epicenter of finance, technology and culture. The Financial Services Company tasked ESI Design with creating a one-of-a-kind digital media experience to transform the aging lobby in one of their New York City offices.

Our approach turned the outdated entrance and the second-floor lounge into two flexible, multimedia environments ripe for the company’s corporate communications. Rich media content, from meditative nature scenes to artistic animations, elevates the spaces while providing another channel for the firm’s internal communications broadcasts.

Take a peek inside the transformed lobby:

Behind the Design: Immersive Environment for Corporate Communications

Two existing high resolution LED screens, that often played branded corporate communications, were utilized as part for the new cohesive design. ESI Design wrapped the two hexagonal columns in the lobby, previously a barrier to the viewing of the high-res wall mounted screens, with a curved array of low-resolution LED panels behind a layer of diffusion. The columns display animations that are complimentary in color with the existing large wall displays. This allows the 4 separate screens to be seen as a unified canvas for a 360-degree viewing experience.

Use the slider below to see the transformation from before to the after, an immersive environment for corporate communications:

Upstairs in the second-floor lounge, known as the ‘Living Room,’ a suite of seven high-definition projectors transform the walls into a seamless floor-to-ceiling media canvas, featuring artistic animations that echo the content in the lobby. A presentation mode supports town hall events and TED Talk–style demonstrations, adding further value to employees and visitors of the space.

An upstairs meeting space for this financial services company became an immersive environment for corporate communications.

Our design transformed the outdated lobby and the second floor lounge area into flexible, multimedia environments. Rich media, both generative and pre-produced, elevate the spaces while complementing the company’s internally produced corporate communications materials. The cohesive media experience creates a world-class welcome that reflects and highlights the innovative and impactful work happening at this Financial Services Company in New York City and around the world every day.

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