Barclays Times Square Sign: Oversized Digital Garden & More Pick Up Awards for Creativity

Posted April 21, 2021

Amidst the giant, glowing billboards of Times Square, 7,046-square feet of new LED signage has made a huge impact—and not only because of its size. Designed by ESI Design, in collaboration with Barclays the digital sign stands out from its Times Square counterparts. Coming to life with a mixture of data visualizations, dynamic animations, and human-centered storytelling, this award-winning and architecturally integrated installation isn’t just another glitzy billboard for advertising—it’s a powerful lens through which you can see how people and finance are driving commerce and community around the world.

A mixture of storytelling and technology propelled Barclays Times Square sign at 745 Seventh Avenue to pick up three awards at the 2020 Financial Communications Society Portfolio Awards. Let’s take a look at what caught the judges eye.

Barclays’ New York: Feeling the Pride

Airing during Pride month in June, this LGBTQ Pride mode zooms in to focus on people. We see vibrant video of Barclays’ employees partaking in Pride celebrations and wearing their rainbow t-shirts. Part of the company’s commitment to the LGBTQ community, this mode communicates their goal to champion true diversity and inclusion for their employees and the community. The LGBTQ Pride mode won an FCS Portfolio Gold Award in the category of B2B Out-of-Home: Single. For this award category, the judges were looking for work that delivers a particular communications message to a group, for example its employees. 

Growth Eagle: A Brand Committed to the Earth

Premiering in time for Earth Day, and continuing through the Spring months, ‘Growth Eagle’ offers an unexpected moment of greenery in New York’s concrete jungle. Passersby can watch as lush plants and vines grow across a trellis that spans a full city block to bloom and cluster in the form the Barclays logo. 

Growth Eagle won an FCS Portfolio Gold Award in the category of Corporate Image Out-of-Home: Single. For this award category, the judges were looking for messaging that seeks to build awareness or change perception of an entire company, as opposed to marketing a particular product or service. 

FinTech Startups + Barclays: Rise Together

Rise New York is Barclays’ innovation hub for FinTech startups and this creative communication segment promotes Barclays’ commitment to innovation and growth in financial services. At their 745 Seventh Avenue HQ, Barclays have five floors dedicated to the Rise program for the chosen startups to connect, create, and scale their businesses. Across 66,000 square feet of flexible office space, events and training Barclays connect those within the Rise ecosystem to a global network of industry experts, mentors, investors, and partners.

Rise won an FCS Portfolio Silver Award in the category of B2B Out-of-Home: Single. For this award category, the judges were looking for work that seeks to market a specific financial or investment product. 

Complex Markets, Understandable Stories

The Barclays HQ sign is a dynamic presence to the 130 million yearly visitors who pass through Times Square. The stories we see speak to the general public just as articulately as they do to Barclays employees, customers, and partners. 

Between ESI Design’s creative experience design capabilities, Barclays’ wealth of exciting financial stories, and the amazing technology enabled by our partners, it’s no wonder a lush trellis growing in the center of Times Square garnered some attention.

See the Barclays Times Square sign in action in the video below:


Tarley Jordan

Tarley is the studio’s Associate / Marketing and Communications Director and writes about interesting happenings across the studio and the world of experience design.

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