VIDEO: Audiovisual Technology Gives Retailers a Flexible Future

Posted March 17, 2020

Retail is a fast-paced industry that is no stranger to change with brands frequently shifting their marketing efforts and business models to adapt to constantly evolving consumer needs. Due to the growing popularity of digital retail design, many retailers are setting up shop in spaces that take advantage of dynamic audiovisual technology to suit their need for flexibility.

ESI Design’s Principal, Creative and Head of Media Environments Emily Webster recently discussed the advantages of audiovisual technology in digital retail design in an interview with the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA). See her full interview below.

Emily explains how conventional banners, posters, retail store design and visual merchandising can force retailers to make long-term commitments to their store’s design, and altering or removing them can be a costly venture. Audiovisual displays, however, can feature content that can be changed with relative ease to reflect a brand’s latest initiative or identity. Emily encourages retailers to think of audiovisual technology as a platform for low-risk experimentation and breathing room for innovation.

ESI Design has leveraged the power of digital retail design in two Chicago destinations — Comcast’s Studio Xfinity flagship store, and at 900 North Michigan Shops.

ESI Design transformed flagship cable store into an immersive experience for customers, taking their minds away from their wait by bringing the brand’s mission to life.

digital retail design
At Studio Xfinity, visitors of all ages can experience the full range of Xfinity’s products and services, and have fun while they learn.

At the 900 North Michigan Shops, ESI Design helped JMB Retail Corporation attract retail tenants and customers alike by developing the shops at 900 North Michigan into an upscale oasis from the bustling city. With a 190-foot-long media ceiling visible from all seven floors of the mall, the transformed retail center packs a stunning punch that entices shoppers to linger in the sleek new space.

digital retail design
The stunning digital ceiling at the 900 North Michigan Shops is visible from all seven floors of the atrium.

Are you interested in using audiovisual technology as a flexible, innovative way to invigorate a retail space?

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Michelle Lampariello

Michelle was ESI Design’s Fall 2019 Marketing Intern, and blogged about the latest happenings at ESI and beyond.

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