“Work Day” Features Local Artists in Digital DTLA Gallery at 1 Cal

Posted April 12, 2019

ESI Design is excited to be part of a new initiative at 1 Cal Plaza, an ultra-modern skyscraper in Bunker Hill, which has launched a new exhibit in its lobby digital gallery. Though Bunker Hill is home to the city’s cultural core, including institutions like the Broad Museum, LA Opera, and Walt Disney Concert Hall, as well as large financial services and law firms, it lacks traditional art galleries.

We helped 1 Cal Plaza transform their lobby into a unique digital “gallery” where neighborhood artists can show their work to an audience of lawyers, financiers, and other potential buyers. The digital art gallery consists of five LCD screen mosaics that cover more than 175 square feet of wall space in the lobby. We programmed each of the mosaic clusters to continually update with imagery from the Instagram feeds of local artists.

This month, the vibrant digital gallery of LCD screen mosaics is the canvas for a very exciting new exhibit: “Work Day“.

About the exhibit

Titled “Work Day”, the exhibition features the work of 10 artists talented in a mix of mediums from street photography, film and artists who work in airbrush and weaving.

This combination makes “Work Day” a diverse showcase of the emerging talent from DTLA, what GQ magazine calls “America’s Next Great City.”

Many of the artists in the “Work Day” show work or have representation within blocks of 1 Cal making this show hyper-local. Every morning and afternoon, each artist will take over all of the five LCD mosaic clusters.

The idea for the exhibition was sparked by local artist and curator Ambar Navarro, who discovered the DTLA “gallery” space by chance when walking through the lobby, which more than 2,000 people pass through each day. She was so impressed with the power of the digital showcase – and its potential to introduce emerging artists to new audiences and buyers – that she approached the building’s owners about curating a formal exhibition.

Featured artists:

Take a peek at some of the artists featured in the “Work Day” show:


How the gallery wall works

A hub in Downtown LA’s renaissance and now also the DTLA cultural scene, 1 Cal hopes this is first of many exhibitions. The gallery wall is easily programmed with new artists and content at any time, thanks to the content management system designed by ESI Design. As such the digital gallery will feel fresh and ever-changing for the tenants at 1 Cal and visitors to Downtown Los Angeles creative corridor.

During the morning, each of the five LCD mosaic walls showcases the work of one artist, refreshing the display every 90 seconds; the other five artists are featured in the evening. From 12 pm to 2 pm, works from a single Instagram account appear across all five mosaics, with a different artist enjoying the lunchtime spotlight each day.

Go see Work Day at 1 Cal

Work Day is showing in the public lobby of 1 Cal at 300 S. Grand Ave, Los Angeles during business hours.

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Olivia El-Sadr Davis

Olivia is a former member of ESI Design’s Marketing and Business Development Team, blogging about the latest happenings at ESI and beyond.

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