ESI Lab Test #45C – Testing Strata, Testing Media

Posted July 27, 2013

Testing Strata, Testing Media

Geology comes up in the lab sometimes. Not rocks per se, but at least references to strata and the geology of a particular area. This mock-up was made to explore the possibilities of delivering digital media while referencing the mountains that surround the proposed site in the display’s design.


We knew we wanted media woven into an interior that had a natural feel. In the lab,  set up a monitor, first step.


Then we overlaid material atop the monitors to break up the screen into different sections.

Because of how the material looks on top of the monitor, the resulting media bands can stand individually or work together as a whole. It can function as multiple small or one larger media experience.


We tested different types of media on the screen: data-visualizations, video, static imagery, branded content and hi-res and lo-res graphics. Each of the media types added a different feel to the construction.

The flowing graphics referenced water and natural movement. The static images appeared to be part of the general structure. With a CMS delivering varied content to the media screen, this arrangement would be a varied system of media display. Content could be created to reflect mood, season, event or occasion. It would all exist in a display design that spoke to the area around the site.


NOTE: Real rock walls were not used in the lab.

Michael Luck Schneider

Michael Schneider is a Senior Designer & A/V Technologist at ESI Design and brings a strategic approach to the creative implementation of interactive A/V technologies for a wide range of client projects.

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