Field Frogger Hops Again!

Posted November 11, 2013

On Sunday November 3, ESI Games partnered with Auster Agency to stage Field Frogger at Westchester’s Ridge Hill. Ridge Hill is a new retail complex in Westchester county New York. There is a great deal of open space that needed to be energized. Field Frogger was just the thing to do it.

The ESI team set up and ran Field Frogger from the late morning to the afternoon. The hoppers were challenged to pass through the gauntlet of cars, logs and turtles, avoiding and riding where necessary.


During the first stage of the game, players had to line up against moving cars. The Froggers bounced their way between the moving obstacles to make it to the “safe zone”.


Multiple Froggers could play at once. Here, brother and sister Frogger, line up and watch the pattern of synchronized cars move before them, planning their best route.


Players who were the cars, followed a beat broadcast on a stereo and stepped on the yellow marks to the Frogger beat.


Cars came in all sizes, large and small.

Froggers came in all sizes, as well.

The Froggers’ final challenge was to ride the moving logs to their Lilly Pads. In this case, the end of the street. This was harder than it seemed, as the sideways motion was difficult.


We are thankful for the great participation and partnership with Auster Events and Westchester’s Ridge Hill.

Ian Lewis Campbell

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