How Did They Do That?

Posted October 8, 2014

Alex Chinneck has had a new sculpture installed in front of Covent Gardens’ market. This sculpture is a building that looks as if the top portion is floating above the bottom. Entitled, “Take My Lightning But Don’t Steal My Thunder,” it is an optical illusion of the highest execution.

The porticos, columns, windows and rails are made of polystyrene and steel. The secret to the levitation is as yet unknown. The artist will reveal the secret later this month. But that is not our speculation. Look at this Metropolis article for some more details about how it was made and how it might float.

What interests us is the video below that explains the concept, design, and build process that the sculpture went through. In the short span of the video, there is the concept phase, the design and engineering phase, the production phase, and the installation. Culminating in the opening ceremony after a four night install process, the snapshot of the creative cycle is enlightening. Have a look for a bit of insight into the life and times of the designers around you.

Ian Lewis Campbell

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