Introducing the ESI STEM Lab

Posted May 31, 2013


At ESI, we get excited about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). We want everyone else to get excited also and to get hooked on learning about the world through science-based methods.

So we’ve created our own in-house STEM Lab, an experimental “do” tank that focuses on informal learning experiences that make science accessible, relevant, and fun. ESI STEM Lab projects are designed to engage both children and adults in the practice (not just the subject) of science, to communicate complex knowledge in engaging ways, and to facilitate collaboration and conversation across multiple audiences. We’ll post about our ongoing scientific adventures here in the ESI blog.

There are new STEM projects just around the corner. First up: The Super-Secret Headquarters of the Climate Repair & Innovation League, which we created for the World Science Festival’s Ultimate Science Street Fair on Sunday, June 2.

Climate change is creating big, big problems for all of us — rising sea levels, ocean acidification, extreme weather, and more. Who can find the answers for how to fix these problems and make our environment healthier? We can!

The Super-Secret Headquarters of the Climate Repair & Innovation League (CRIL) invites everybody to become part of the conversation and the solution by coming up with creative ideas for how to address the many challenges related to climate change.

At CRIL’S HQ, visitors can take on four different missions: Fossil Fuels, Melting Ice, Oceans, and Extreme Weather. For each mission, they learn about how the topic relates to climate change, tap into their imagination to come up with great ideas (as practical or fanciful as they like), and add their ideas to CRIL’S Idea-Nator (a physical and digital idea gallery).

These missions will help weave together the other activities in the Climate Corner section of the Street Fair, creating an interconnected, immersive experience — visitors can go to the other activities before completing related CRIL missions, or do the CRIL missions first and then learn more about the topics by visiting the other activities.

So come visit us at the Ultimate Science Street Fair on June 2, and check out all of the ideas on CRIL’s website!

Debra Everett-Lane

Debra is ESI Design’s former Director of Content and Activity Design.

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