Lab work in the #ESILAB

Posted November 21, 2013

The ESI Lab is always in mid-production of some small something, be it a 3D Printing test, an LED mock-up or some audiovisual experiment.

Below are several tests captured with Instagram. Do you follow us there?

This 3D print is our first brand-based print. Sure, it’s our brand, but we are capturing and planning to use it for more multimedia material.

This is an ambitious print. This half-form of a young boy was an intricate model to make and prepare. After several hours of correcting the mesh and prepping the digital design. we then turned the print over to Makerbot, which toiled for almost eight hours! These 15 seconds are easier to view.

3D printing is one of many tests that take place in the lab. This large, lo-res LED display test was amazing to test. Here we are playing with fire. A designer stands in front of the display and plays with a lens in front of the graphics. The lens focuses the light, creating a small hi-res display in front of the larger display.

This tall, lo-res display is a typical test in the technology and media department. Our creative technologist is designing for the display, testing its capabilities and finding out what it takes to create scalable content across many of these displays.

The new year promises to bring more experiments to the lab and more lab work to share.

Ian Lewis Campbell

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