Last Night at Storycode

Posted May 21, 2014


Last night, Senior Designer, Ed Purver spoke at Storycode’s May MeetUp.

Storycode is an international organization, for makers, by makers, that gives transmedia storytellers the opportunity to give voice to their work for a larger community. In Ed’s previous projects and his work with ESI, he utilizes a range of multimedia to change and interact with physical spaces and physical designs. His focuses on using video, graphics, projection, installation, and physical design to enliven space with a new presence. Some of his past work was in the public art realm, so spaces were reinvigorated with the people who used them. In a sense, the places were re-enlivened so that the places were new to the people who used them everyday. That is a goal in the projects for ESI as well.

These days Ed is on many ESI projects and he takes his interest to the next level, using large scale LEDs to transform spaces with immersive media and light. At Storycode, Ed did a deep dive on two projects in particular, 330 Hudson and 221 Main. Both of these projects are LED installations that reinvigorate a space by infusing rich, generative, and dynamic media on custom displays designed for the particularities of the physical space.

Have a look at our portfolio pages for those projects and the ways in which ESI is recreating spaces, margin them more immersive, engaging, informative, and beautiful.

You can watch the video presentation just below. Thank you to Mike and Aina from Storycode New York for the footage.

Ed starts at 49:00.

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