OktoberPong Highlights

Posted October 29, 2013

ESI Design collaborated with the Howard Hughes Corporation at the South Street Seaport to energize Friday nights at October-Fest with OktoberPong. This bucket sized version of the classic, beer-pong, took place over three consecutive weeks and accompanied the live music, flowing beverages and hot sausages.

Though it was not all together German, the Oktoberpong was fun for adults and kids alike. Take a look at the pictures below for some ultimate highlights of players and great shots.

ESI designer, Pete Vigeant takes an inaugural throw at OktoberPong, Friday, October 18.
Some players were near experts, while others were first timers to the concept. All players were better after several, fun throws.
Even tiny players were getting in on the game. How could they resist the red foam balls and big white buckets? A simple, contagious game.


Here we have several experts on the game, showing the gathered players and crowd how to remove buckets and calling their shots.
Complex strategies quickly developed. Here father and son throw at the same time, bouncing and tossing, to try and distract the other team and score multiple buckets.
Night time shots were a unique skill developed quicker by the younger generations. This shark of a player ruled the court for quite some time.

ESI will be taking out next game to Westchester County. At Ridge Hill, we will be playing Field Frogger on November 3, from 11 – 2pm. This live action game based on the arcade classic is a tour-de-force of stamina, amphibians and bouncing.


Ian Lewis Campbell

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