Projects Built with Light

Posted June 23, 2014


What do you do with a port full of cranes? If you happen to work in Pula, Croatia and have one of the oldest working ports in existence you might want to remove the cranes to make way for a more tourist friendly¬†area. But that is not what happened at all. Instead, the city leaders allowed Dean Skira, architectural lighting designer, to refashion the port’s iconic cranes into a work of art that is now a tourist destination.

Illuminated by 73 (!) LED spotlights, the eight cranes of the Uljanik Port are enlivened and set into motion. The cranes are lit between 9pm and midnight for 15 minutes at the top of the hour. In the video above, the light show was set to music, but the normal program is without sound. But given the look of the installation, it would be amazing no matter the soundscape. This is yet another reason to get to Croatia.


In a similar vein, an artistic use of projection mapping allows the artist a dandypunk to tell stories in a fascinating way. In the performance, Transcend the Box (video reel below) the performer interacts with vibrant and active projection mapping. The story is surreal and fantastic. Coupled with the projections and characters, the performer is a gymnast, bouncing, jumping, flying, and flipping around the one prop, the box. The worlds that the story take place in are created by the dazzling projections on the wall behind him.

The theatrics are exciting and the execution is precise and creative. It is one of the most creative applications of projection mapping that we have seen. It is worth taking some time and checking out some of the other pieces that a dandypunk has featured on his website.

Ian Lewis Campbell

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