‘Sensing Change’, a Peaceful Light Art Installation in the Heart of Chicago

Posted July 31, 2019

‘Sensing Change’, is an award-winning dynamic, data-driven, light art installation that brings life and warmth to a concrete environment. This LED trellis is made up of over 390 vertical light bars with over 250 media permutations that create an organic, contemplative escape for a workplace environment.

Learn more about ‘Sensing Change’ through the video below.

A next-generation workplace in an ever-evolving digital world

The installation sits on the terrace of 151 North Franklin in the heart of Chicago. The building’s owners tasked ESI Design with creating a digital experience that would position the building as a ‘next-generation workplace’; a welcoming oasis in the middle of a busy city space.

The intersection of nature and technology

ESI Design envisioned an organic, more welcoming environment for both the day and night, and created a textured LED trellis that supports anticipated ivy growth on the wall. The idea was to create a unique juxtaposition of technology and nature that could evoke the same active but calming feeling of dappled light through trees. Composed of brushed metal fins and vertical light bars, the trellis continuously plays with animation and light. In addition, the front and back of the bars animate independently and together as a single canvas, creating completely different light experiences, where no one pattern is repeated.

From a run-down concrete garage to illuminating light art installation.

Living Wall and Special Event: two media modes guaranteed to delight

‘Sensing Change’ has two media modes which play on the trellis. The Living Wall and Special Event. The Living Wall mode creates animations and patterns based on live weather data feed. This generative content ensures that the look of the trellis stays fresh and different each time. It features three weather states: cloudy, sunny and precipitation, while wind speeds act as a disruptive layer playing on top of the weather states. The Special Event mode allows for building management to program the trellis for local and national holidays and celebrations. An opportunity for the building to connect with the neighborhood and community.The light art installation can be seen from both the upper floors of the building, and the street below, activating the space for employees and the public.

ESI Design

NBBJ’s New York experience design studio, ESI Design, transforms places into experiences that seamlessly weave the physical and digital worlds together.

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