TIDE and InfoComm 2019: Designing Thoughtful Digital Experiences for Corporate and Retail Spaces

Posted June 4, 2019

InfoComm 2019 is North America’s  largest professional audiovisual trade show, with over 40,000 attendees from 110 countries coming together to talk about the latest industry trends. As a part of the conference, ESI Design’s Mary Franck, Senior Creative Technologist, will be sharing her interaction design expertise in two talks: a keynote on designing data-driven, generative experiences for corporate environments, and a retail-focused panel with VMSD Magazine.

What to Expect at TIDE: Using Digital Content to Engage and Inspire

ebay corporate campus design interactive displayContent generation is a constant challenge – but what if you could create a system that creates its own content? And what if the key to that content was something your client already has in spades? On Tuesday, June 11th, Mary will give a talk, “Designing Data-Driven Generative Content for Digital Installations,” sharing how ESI Design uses data to tell human-centered stories on epic canvases for companies like eBay and PNC Bank. The keynote is a part of TIDE, a conference co-located with InfoComm focusing on Technology, Innovation, Design, and Experience. As a designer who works at a large physical scale with branding and digital installations, Mary will highlight how data visualization functions in immersive environments, outline how she translates numbers into experiences, and show how technology is secondary to story.

TIDE Keynote Details

TIDE Conference 2019, Orlando
Tuesday, June 11
11:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Valencia Ballroom, 4th F. of the West Building
TIDE is co-located with InfoComm, but requires separate registration. Click here to register.

What to Expect at InfoComm: Best Practices for Collaborative Experience Design in Retail

The next day, Wednesday, June 12th, Mary will join the “Collaborative Design for Retail Spaces” panel, a high-level conversation among retailers and designers, and their integrator partners, on the role of collaboration when leveraging technology as part of the built environment in retail spaces. Key to the discussion will be identifying opportunities for all stakeholders to improve the process. Hosted by VMSD Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Acevedo, Mary will join panelists Megan Kachur, Manager of Immersive Retail Design at Disney and Juan F. Santos, SVP Brand Experience at Tavistock.

InfoComm Retail Design Panel Details

InfoComm 2019, Orlando
Wednesday, June 12
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Orange County Convention Center – W414C

Meet the Speaker: Mary Franck

Mary Franck is an experiential designer and technologist focused on immersive media, real-time computer graphics, and creative technology. Her vast experience includes technical direction, creative coding and graphics programming for a wide range of immersive experiences, data visualizations, large-scale live visual systems, projection-mapping, and interactive installations. Her clients have included some of the world’s leading brands, including Coca-Cola, Google and Samsung.

Most recently she worked for the award-winning experiential agency Fake Love as a Lead Creative Technologist, ensuring projects’ technical success from concept to completion. Previously she worked at Obscura Digital, leading the development of interactive installations and large-scale media activations such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Illumination. In addition to her work as a designer, Mary exhibits her art work internationally and has taught courses and workshops for Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Arizona State University.

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