Live Webinar: How AV and Spatial Design Influence Emotion and Behavior in the Workplace

Posted September 1, 2020

When designers imagine media in a space, they don’t always imagine its impact on behavior. But the design of a space, choices in AV, and digital content all influence human behavior. And as people slowly return to the workplace after months of working from home, the time spent in the office is more important than ever.

As a part of AVIXA’s continuing webinar series, ESI Design’s Andrew Lazarow, Senior Designer & AV Technologist, will lead a talk titled “How AV and Spatial Design Influence Emotion and Behavior in the Workplace,” using our work at WarnerMedia’s Hudson Yards HQ and more as case studies.

What to Expect

In this webinar, Andrew Lazarow will explore how that impact can reinforce corporate culture and elevate a brand, foster collaboration and drive competition. See how design can evoke emotions to reinforce corporate culture or the brand promise, and how digital content can be tuned to encourage specific behaviors, such as working more competitively or collaboratively. Andrew will provide examples of this effect in action, and provide a roadmap for how to best utilize it using AV technology.

Learning Objectives:
    • describe how AV design can use cognitive science to influence human behavior in the workplace
    • demonstrate how design choices can subconsciously reinforce company culture
    • understand how to increase participation and collaboration around the workplace

Event Details

The webinar will take place on September 10th, 2020 from 1:00-2:00 PM EST. Register for the free webinar here.

Meet the Speaker: Andrew Lazarow

Andrew Lazarow is an award-winning interactive designer. In his role as a Senior Designer and A/V Technologist at ESI, he develops the robust visual and audio systems that support the interactive experiences designed by the ESI team. Andrew has 12 years of interaction design experience, focusing on encouraging audiences to be more present and inspiring wonder. His areas of expertise include projection mapping, motion capture, video systems and interactive lighting control.

For the past six years, Andrew has been a Resident Researcher and Adjunct Professor at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. As a designer outside of ESI, he focuses on interactive video and projections designs for retail and public spaces as well as for theater, dance, and opera. Andrew graduated from Williams College with a B.A. in Performance Studies, going on to receive his Master’s in Interactive Telecommunications from NYU.

Can’t wait for the Webinar?

Andrew wrote for AVIXA about how COVID-19 requires short-term changes and offers long term opportunities for experience designers to reimagine the discipline. Read it here. 

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