Branded Interactive Experiences Dazzle and Inform at WarnerMedia HQ

Posted August 11, 2020

Working closely with WarnerMedia, ESI Design created iconic digital branded experiences for their Hudson Yards HQ that express WarnerMedia through “experience” rather than “message.”

The two branded interactive experiences, WarnerMedia Hot Lines and WarnerMedia Universe, empower employees and guests to explore WarnerMedia content and interact with the global WarnerMedia audience.

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A closer look at WarnerMedia Hotlines

Hot Lines allows users to discover the catch phrases and iconic moments that are resonating with fans around the world. You can explore the impact of different shows and movies on social media, and discover which lines are most quoted online. The corner-wrapped screen allows you to see “behind” the Hotlines branded interactive experience as it is being used, adding to the dimensionality of the media.

Woman using digital branded interactive experience touchscreen at WarnerMedia HQ.
Hotlines allows users to discover the catch phrases and iconic moments that resonate with fans around the world.

A closer look at WarnerMedia Universe

Universe harnesses the social media activity of the entire company, and transforms it into an explorable galaxy of shows, movies and more. By utilizing WarnerMedia’s own social media streams, Universe highlights each division, every property, and all the latest news.

Two men using a large branded interactive experience touchscreen.
Two employees explore the WarnerMedia Universe.

The interactives are hosted on 6-foot tall touchscreens made possible by a custom combination of displays, depth sensors and infrared cameras, supporting up to three people using each screen at a time.  Through this design that blends physical and digital worlds to create interactive experiences, employees are immersed inside WarnerMedia shows and movies they love all day, every day.


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