CoRE Tech 2019: Innovation in Corporate Real Estate

Posted October 28, 2019

The tenth annual CoRE Tech in San Jose this November will bring corporate real estate thought leaders under one roof to discuss the most groundbreaking ways to maintain and operate corporate spaces. From inventive automation strategies and the latest in tech to ideas for attracting unique tenants, CoRE Tech will encompass all things corporate real estate and facilities.

As a part of CoRE Tech 2019, ESI Design’s Associate Director of Physical Design, Matt Weisgerber, is participating in two events exploring innovation in corporate real estate: a panel on leveraging LED technology, as well as a talk and tour.  

LED columns frame a touchscreen wall at eBay Main Street.

What to Expect: Leveraging LED Technology – Creating a Visual Immersive Experience

Everyone these days is talking about creating an ‘experience’. Office, retail, hospitality and mixed-use projects are looking to go beyond traditional design and amenities to attract, engage and retain occupants and guests. Water fountains and artwork are being augmented by digital experiences to entertain, excite and inspire. This trend started with flat screens on walls and has evolved into a much more sophisticated experience. LED walls – embedded into traditional design, combined with high resolution, visually stunning changing media – can change the entire experience of a space with the touch of a button or command from an algorithm. This exciting segment will showcase examples of the technology that can be utilized in a Corporate environment.

Event Details

November 13, 2019
4:05 – 4:50 PM PT
Grand Ballroom
San Jose Convention Center

The talk and tour will feature eBay Main Street.

What to Expect: Talk and Tour of eBay Main Street

eBay Main Street is the hub of eBay’s headquarters. Designed by ESI Design, it’s the building that gave eBay a “new front door” to welcome employees and guests after the company spun off PayPal. The centerpiece of Main Street is a 15-foot touchscreen wall where visitors can explore real time information on how many items have sold in a specific category, which is framed by 10-foot-tall digital columns that play sales-related and ambient content. The lobby also features two interactive touch screens at reception used to explore eBay People, Products, and Impact. On our tour we’ll also see the Main Hall, a 7,150 sq. ft. meeting and event space, featuring an enormous multi-screen display that supports presentations and webcasts. If we’re lucky, we’ll get a peek at the three state-of-the-art executive conference rooms equipped with collaborative work technologies.

Event Details

November 15, 2019
Bus departs from San Jose Convention Center at 9:00am
Tour from 9:30am – 11:00am PT

Meet the Speaker: Matt Weisgerber

Matt is responsible for space planning, architectural coordination, production observation and overall design direction for physical spaces. He provides concept diagrams, models 3D environments and renders spaces from both an experiential and pragmatic point of view.

Matt has played an essential role on a wide range of projects at ESI Design including the Statue of Liberty Museum, the Ellis Island Museum of Immigration, and the North Carolina History Center, coordinating with multiple consultants during the course of the projects to maintain design intent.

Prior to joining ESI in 2007, Matt worked with architect Michael Graves’ office on various exhibit projects in Indianapolis and Washington D.C., including the NCAA Hall of Fame and Washington National Monument. He holds a BS in Industrial Design from the University of Cincinnati.


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Michelle Lampariello

Michelle was ESI Design’s Fall 2019 Marketing Intern, and blogged about the latest happenings at ESI and beyond.

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