CoreNet Summit 2019: How the Role of Corporate Real Estate has Evolved to Incorporate Branding, Marketing, and HR

Posted September 17, 2019

The role of the corporate real estate professional is dramatically changing — the job has evolved to a position that increasingly requires knowledge of branding, marketing, and attracting new talent.

As a part of the 2019 CoreNetSummit, a cant-miss gathering for corporate real estate professionals, ESI Design’s Content and Activity Designer Katie Barnard will be presenting a talk titled “How the Role of Corporate Real Estate has Evolved to Incorporate Branding, Marketing, and HR.” She’ll share how our experience design studio has participated in the successful rebranding of several corporate workplaces.

ESI Design transforms eBay’s corporate headquarters into a powerful canvas for communications. © 2016 eBay. All rights reserved.

What to Expect: A Learning Experience for Leaders in CRE

CRE execs are now harnessing the power of their valuable asset, the corporate campus, and transforming it into a powerful communications platform. Leaders have an influential role in creating the workplace brand experience, transforming the humble office into a dynamic tool for communications, recruitment and retention. In this talk, Katie will address a variety of ways to promote learning, discovery and social interaction in the workplace, and present ways to:

  • Identify the most relevant brand stories within your company and be able to tell those stories.
  • Apply the design thinking to your next project to create an immersive workplace experience that attracts, retains and satisfies employees.
  • See best-in-class examples of how corporations are using architecturally-integrated digital media to transform their workplace into a communications platform.

Event Details

CoreNet 2019 Summit, Orange County, CA
October 21, 2019
3:45 PM – 4:45 PM
Room: 262C

Meet the Speaker: Katie Barnard

As a Content and Activity Designer, Katie approaches her role as both strategist and storyteller. Working mostly with corporate clients, Katie begins a project by absorbing all the information she can about a client, and then synthesizes and interprets her learnings to create memorable narratives. She advocates for both story and design, working with the client and ESI Design’s interdisciplinary team to realize engaging, meaningful experiences. Prior to joining ESI Design, Katie worked as a Content Strategist for another leading exhibit design firm, where she developed content for films, interactive experiences, and data visualizations for clients ranging from AT&T to the government of Kuwait.

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