ESI Design’s work at Terrell Place wins Best Immersive Environment Award

Posted April 24, 2017

Terrell Place Reactive Media Wall

We’re excited to announce that ESI Design’s installation at Terrell Place in Washington D.C. has won Gold at the APEX Awards for best immersive environment.

The APEX Awards

The 14th Annual DSE APEX Awards are designed to recognize achievement in the installation of digital displays, interactive technology and the creation of compelling viewer content. Gold winners receive the highest honor. An independent panel of industry professionals chose winners from a field of 138 entrants from 12 countries, vying in 9 major digital signage categories.

2017 APEX Awards Winner - ESI Design for Terrell Place in Immersive Environments

ESI Design: the Immersive Environments Gold Winner

ESI Design worked with the owners of Terrell Place, Beacon Capital Partners, to transform the ground floor lobby space into a contemporary and exciting work destination. To create a truly immersive environment, we seamlessly integrated 1,700-square-feet of motion-activated LED displays into the architectural surfaces of the lobby.

In addition to the displays, ESI also designed custom lighting, sound and media content to deliver a cohesive multi-modal experience. For example, some lights change color temperature to reflect the media that is playing. The environment is further enhanced by ambient sounds emerging from invisible speakers in the walls and ceiling creating a fully immersive environment for visitors to experience.

The displays are an ever-evolving artwork that creates a sense of place and reacts to the presence of people. The Seasons content mode is quite popular as it connects Terrell Place with its Washington D.C. neighborhood including its iconic cherry trees.

Check out the final results here:

How the Seasons Mode Responds to People

The Fall Seasons mode begins with the lush green leaves of late Summer, which slowly transform into a vibrant landscape of yellow, orange, and red, then start to drift to the ground. The leaves change color as people walk by, and butterflies flutter above people who pause to watch. Passing through a doorway causes a gust of wind to rustle the leaves on nearby branches, so that some fall and swirl with the wind.

In the Winter cherry blossom mode, tree branches are bare and snow flurries circle the landscape. As people pass by, icicles grow and the snowfall increases. Where people stand still, frost appears, like frost on a window. Eventually the snow and icicles begin to melt as we move back into Spring.

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Read more about our work at Terrell Place and if you are looking for a way create more immersive environments for your building, we can help. Get in touch.

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