The Workplace Is The New Communications Platform

Posted May 17, 2017

Ed Purver, Senior Designer, Creative Technology at ESI Design, shows how corporate campuses can be transformed into experiences that immerse employees and visitors alike in a company’s brand story, for Work Design Magazine:

When you think of corporate communications, you probably picture traditional channels ranging from public relations, advertising, and social media to staff newsletters, intranets, and similar channels.

Now look around you. Chances are, you’re looking at a powerful communications platform that businesses often overlook: their very own workplace.

Nowadays, when you walk into a store that’s filled with static imagery, it doesn’t feel alive. That’s because sweeping technological advances have created a digital world where we expect well-designed spaces to offer dynamic, interactive experiences that immerse us fully in a brand. Why should our expectations be any different for the workplace?

The same technology that is making it possible — and more affordable than ever before — to make retail environments more immersive can and should be employed by companies to design and create workplaces, offices, and corporate campuses that serve as dynamic communications tools. Physical spaces are woefully underutilized as a means for businesses to share their story; by tapping into their potential, companies can convey their company brand and values to both employees and visitors alike, connecting and engaging with them like never before.

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Ed Purver

An award-winning media and installation artist with almost 15 years of experience, Ed draws on his expertise in integrating digital media and built environments in his former position as ESI’s creative technology designer.

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