Elements of a Great Story

Posted July 29, 2014

Story inhabits all of our work at ESI Design. We are often so busy with creating narratives for client partners that we don’t stop and discuss what makes a good story. Luckily there are places and people out there that get to stop and take part in a discussion about the most important elements of story. And they have made a video that we can share with you now.

At the Aspen Ideas Festival, the gathered crowds discuss big and small ideas that may come to have an impact on the world. In the short video that follows a collection of luminaries — producers, writers, and journalists — talk about the aspects of what makes a great story. There are some inside tracks into the key elements. But after you watch the short video you should feel free to add your own kernel of brilliance. Story is about what touches us, personally and as a people. So elements of great story are not exclusive.


Ian Lewis Campbell

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