ESIxCity: Boston

Posted July 15, 2020

See how ESI Design has transformed places in Boston into experiences, from a museum where everybody can be a U.S. senator for the day to commercial real estate lobby revitalizations that include an epic-scale digital media band. Explore our work through the interactive map, and scroll down to learn more about each project and see before & after images.

177 Huntington Street

Commercial Real Estate

Address: 177 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115

A dynamic digital art installation pulses in the lobby of this landmark I.M. Pei building. Custom LEDs hidden in strips of brushed steel reflect moving colors and patterns onto the polished cement wall. Driven by real-time data, the installation visually interprets weather, seasons and even the reflecting pool ripples from the adjacent plaza. Learn more.

Boston Media Band at 110 High Street

Commercial Real Estate

Address: 110 High Street, Boston, MA 02110

The Boston Media Band at 110 High Street is a first-of-its-kind digital media experience that centers on the flow of Boston. This reactive installation is programmed with three digital art modes that respond to passersby, both inside and outside the building, in whimsical and playful ways. Learn more.

Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate


Address: 210 Morrissey Blvd, Boston, MA 02125

This dynamic learning environment for civic education and public discourse features interactive technology, and collaborative activities that take place in and around a full- scale replica of the Senate chamber. Learn more.

160 Federal Street

Commercial Real Estate

Address: 160 Federal Street, Boston, MA 02110

Boston’s first skyscraper was revitalized for the 21st century. An experiential makeover that includes dynamic digital media embedded into historic Art Deco frames and new lighting to illuminate architectural details both inside and out. As you approach, keep your eyes peeled for the sidewalk brass shoe prints, a nod to the building’s heritage. Learn more.

745 Atlantic Avenue

Commercial Real Estate

Address: 745 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02111

Open loft meets upmarket finish in this repositioning that attracted technology and new media tenants adjacent to Boston’s innovation district. The bold maps and digital media installations root the building in Boston’s history while speaking to today’s innovators. Learn more.

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